There are some things we need to change about the website.

When this place launched it was a barebones website. I was working on the wiki and having a good period of illness free life. Which rocked.

My webmistress-monkey who I have to slap out of Neverwinter to get stuff done (I will slap her hard!) is currently working with Lightbox to make a creative and different approach to the Cast List that should be going up with the newer version of the website. This is because our current layout has a few ‘issues’ with some of the items we’re using. Lightbox isn’t very user friendly in our current setting so she’s playing around in an offline webserver to try and tinker it into working how we want.

The map should be getting some updates. The map will be semi interactive to allow readers the chance to see where the story has been and where it’s going. The hover function will hopefully work in a similar way to Bethesda maps, allowing you to see the name of the city, a bit of story about it, population and in the sidebar, links to chapters or stuff that occur around it.

The wiki is in sore need of an update/brush up. I’ve been tinkering on some stuff that need to be uploaded to it, so I should be getting around to doing it this weekend, thank goodness. Who needs sleep, pfft.

We’re also looking to open the fan art section, but of course, we need fan art! Alongside this will go my sketch gallery (not my deviantart link) where sketches, rough concepts etc will go of the characters and environments.

As a sneaky bonus, look out for a compiled PDF in the next few months (if I can shoehorn my creative friend into making something alongside me) that will be available for use. 😉

As for now, a few updates and time for me to find my damn crowbar to pry Draggy off Neverwinter, argh!

B xxx