Okay it’s been a while so we just want to give you all a heads up as to what has been happening.

Our good friend Mat passed away suddenly in early Feb and because of the shock of this, we haven’t kept up with the site, at all. We’ve been struggling day to day to cope, so when we finally felt more human and capable of doing anything, we go to check the site and… it’s down. Turns out spam commenting has gone completely insane, so we’re asking people who want to comment to go to one of these addresses and let us know!




We’ll also be taking down the forums.

Now I know this seems a little crazy but until we’re on an even keel with life we don’t want to give ourselves (or our hosting company) more heart attacks. So please, we love you, keep in touch and be understanding.

The Gang (A stressed out Bhryn and a resigned Draggy)