bhryn face

Name: Bhryn Astairre
Ascended Human
Height: Five foot Nine
Build: Slender
Talents: Blacksmithing, ‘freakish’ strength and superhuman agility/reflexes
Bio: Born in Verony, a small coastal town in Ylain to parents Claud and Braiwyn. Had a twin brother, Ash, who was not marked as an Ascended. Stayed in her town despite urgings to leave from officials and trained in the family art of Blacksmithing, as well as many other styles of steelcraft. At the age of 68 (nearly 69) she left to finally begin her training as an Ascended.

ash face

Name: Ashterus Astairre
Height: Five foot Ten
Build: Rangy but strong
Talents: Blacksmithing
Bio: Born in Verony, a small coastal town in Ylain to parents Claud and Braiwyn. Was the twin brother to Bhryn and was not marked as an Ascended. Ash married Ailish and had two sons, happily spending his life with his sister and family. After age caught up with him, he bid Bhryn to live a life they could both be proud of.

rafe face

Name: Rafael Irindez
Ascended Famirren
Height: Six foot Seven
Build: Muscular
Talents: Gardening, elemental manipulation, peacekeeping/mediation
Bio: A calm and very collected man, Rafe prefers to be as far out of the spotlight as he can manage and spends his time in contemplation. Averse to conflict, he encourages others to seek peaceful solutions to their problems. Gentle and well mannered, the kind hearted Rafe is not an easy pushover, as his soft demeanour hides an inner core of pure steel that refuses to budge.

jea face

Name: Jeajea Veanson
Ascended Lumirren
Height: Five foot Seven
Build: Slender
Talents: Games of chance, gossiping, avoiding work wherever possible
Bio: Jeajea is a bit of an odd bird that refuses to pigeonholed. A spry and sharp witted man, he enjoys spending his time away from any hint of labour that he can. A lover of news, tidbits and gossip, he often finds himself tangled up trying to make the best of things for his friends, who hold a secure, loyal spot in his whimsical heart. Whilst his motives may seem as clear as mud to those around him, he always attempts to act with the best intentions in mind.

urien face

Name: Urien Danan
Ascended L’quana / Paragon
Height: Five foot Two
Build: Slim with a barrel chest (as is typical of L’quana rib structure)
Talents: Pranks, practical jokes, chaos, panic and disorder
Bio: As unlikely as such things may be, the eternal prankster and chaotic adult-child Urien is a Paragon and has held his title far longer than any previous pretender to the crown. Whilst capable of good forethought and reasoning, it’s a sad fact that Urien derives far more pleasure than is acceptable from playing pranks and jokes. As his difficult to control nature suggests, Urien is a ‘Lower Ascended’.


Name: Mallory Ambray
Ascended Famirren
Height: Six feet
Build: Hourglass
Talents: Languages, academics, fashion
Bio: The true type A personality, Mallory is a woman with ambition, drive and a streak of nasty as wide as the Serisian Sash. Arrogant and sometimes a little cruel, she is blinded by her desire to stand at the pinnacle of achievement. Despite this, she does have a softer side when it comes to her friends, if only marginally less sharp tongued with them. At some point she designated the uninterested Bhryn as her rival and the two share a deep rivalry/friendship based on mutual respect.

jand face

Name: Jandwell Frond
Ascended Human
Height: 6 feet
Build: Broad shoulders, slender hips.
Talents: Creating amusing nicknames to annoy Jea with, crafting
Bio: The master of all craftsmen and one of the few Ascended who never truly fit into either Upper or Lower by choosing to stay in Lyseum and teach/care for those new to their roles as Ascended.