So here we go, back to comic pages. This isn’t a joke, Bhryn, he is -dead- serious!

I also feel like I have a duty to keep you all appraised of how life is going for myself as the writer/artist/jaffa cake demon.

The past couple of weeks have seen me dislocate a couple more joints, one of the sad but unfortunate effects of having EDS. For those wondering about it (and why I am SO shit at keeping a proper schedule) EDS is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which means my joints and ligaments don’t work entirely correctly. There’s way more detailed descriptions out there. I also have fibromyalgia and sadly, clinical depression which is a constant fight to keep on an even keel.

Is this a pity party? No, I just want you to understand that when I get ill, I get ILL. I’m in bed for a week if it’s a good flare up, weeks to months if bad. When I managed for hack my hip to crap last summer, I was in bed for a month and a half. Believe me, that wasn’t fun! (Also my laptop is pretty old and crap so there wasn’t any art going on :s )

This comic is my priority for the year ahead, so lets get back to it and forgive me if the schedule is all higgledy-piggledy for a while – just check in regularly!

B xxx